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Attaching documents to invoices/orders/quotes

I'd like to get some feedback on this idea. I want the ability to attach
documents to invoices, orders, and quotes. For example, a scan of a
handwritten sales invoice with the customer's signature could be attached to
the sales invoice for record keeping, and then printed out if it's ever

It seems to me that the best way to add this would be to add a document
module that would handle the management of the files and linking specific
documents to specific invoices, orders, and quotes. The schema would need at
least two new tables, one to record the documents, and another to link them.

The biggest concern for me is how to do this securely. For my purposes it's
not necessary to allow the users to upload files. But each company needs to
have the documents stored in its own directory, and access controlled so
that only logged in users can download the files.

I've started writing some code to implement this, but if it's generally
useful I'd like to see it added to LSMB and fit the roadmap.

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