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Physical data schema

Hi all,

I reversed the SL schema into Dia as UML, just to see if it looks
useful. It looks like a LedgerSMB version might be worth having as a
design artifact: ie physical data model. I shall split the generated
diagram into about 6, one per 'subject area' and see how useful it might
be for making changes and forward engineering it back to DML.

Then all it needs is something to reverse the physical model back to
logical and the attributes and thus column names can be controlled for
consistency more easily.

Dia diagrams are xml so good as version-controlled artifacts. Plus here
is a graphic (png) generated from one subject area that would be great
in the technical side of any doco. It would need future work on the
subject area and the diagram prettied up, but it gives you the general

Should have time to play around with it later tomorrow.

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