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Re: Database schema cleanup

On Fri, 2006-09-08 at 23:49 -0400, Seneca Cunningham wrote:
> The schema that LedgerSMB inherited from SQL-Ledger is rather  
> deficient.  I've started to look at the cleanup of it and have seen  
> some areas that I believe should be fixed.  I have started looking at  
> some of these items, but it would be useful to have the input of others.
> Problems that I've seen in the schema:
> --------------------------------------
I agree that these are all problems, and should be changed. This is a
good 'bottom-up' start to some fixes. 'Top down' would be to 

1. define scope and requirements
2. model it, eg logical/conceptual data and (functional) model, plus
define terms, eg 'id', 'num' attribute fragments, based on the above.
3. create physical schema (tables etc)  based on the above.

Then anyone knows what each column represents, what it should have in
it, and why etc... **unambiguously**
Of course this project might not currently have the resources to do it
this way.