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Re: Fwd: Security fix that started all this

David Tangye wrote:
On Fri, 2006-09-08 at 15:43 -0400, Christopher Murtagh wrote:
Oops, list is not set to reply-to list. BTW, I know some people have
strong objections to setting reply-to list, but it is my preference. I
don't want to force upon everyone though if the concensus is to not do
so. Any thoughts?

OK, so I replied and the message went only to you, not the list. Now I
reply to all and you get hit with my babble twice!

So why not set the reply-to to the list?

It is common (this is the way PostgreSQL does it for example) to use the reply-all and get babbled twice :). The reason PostgreSQL does it, is the delay on the PostgreSQL list can be some time, where my direct reply will likely be read soon.

Joshua D. Drake

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