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LedgerSMB 1.5.4 released

The LedgerSMB development team is happy to announce yet another new
version of its open source ERP and accounting application. This release
contains the following fixes and improvements:

Changelog for 1.5.4
* Updated Dojo from 1.10.6 to 1.10.7 (Erik H)
* Add missing defaults in ledgersmb.conf 'database' section (David G, #2632)
* Add 2 missing RHEL dependencies to Makefile (David G)
* Add conf/README.md describing the content of conf/ (David G)
* Fixed bug in template processing only seen on CentOS (Chris T)
* Transaction forgets payment account on Update (Nick P, #2580)
* Updates to sample config and Makefile (Bill O)
* Improved table reading experience for dynatable based reports (Erik H)
* Fix file attachments shown twice after migration from 1.3 (Erik H, #2659)
* Fix two issues in the 1.3->1.5 migration script (Erik H)

Erik H is Erik Huelsmann
David G is David Godfrey
Chris T is Chris Travers
Nick P is Nick Prater
Bill O is Bill Ott

The release can be downloaded from sourceforge at

These are the sha256 checksums of the uploaded files:
25913dc7473b33ce46175e9f631c209c4062363fc306b053a1ce8cfacddd6b8b  ledgersmb-1.5.4.tar.gz
fa301b36e8df17b17cb7ad9736cb1b4a4d08c7416446bf4b8646c97a845a9fd0  ledgersmb-1.5.4.tar.gz.asc

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