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Announcing 1.2.11

LedgerSMB 1.2.11 has been released.  It corrects the following issues:

1)  Possible DoS attack on reporting interfaces by entering invalid years (present in LedgerSMB prior to this release and SQL-Ledger prior to 2.8.0 ).
2)  Problems creating databases via the admin interfaces (specific to 1.2.10)
3)  Tax selection issues when invoices are in the future or when tax rates have changed (building on changes to 1.2.10)
4)  Tax rates displayed improperly in AR/AP interfaces when changing customers/vendors.

The tax selection issues are absolutely critical to Canadian users due to the impending GST rate changes.  The DOS attack issue is relatively easily mitigated in the sense that any such attack would be traceable and only affects reporting.

The complete changelog is as follows:
Changelog for 1.2.11
* Simplified obtaining years with transactions (Chris T)
* Fixed dataset creation (Chris T)
* Tax display fixes for AR/AP transactions (Chris T, 1794077, 1790768)
* Fixed encoding errors in numeral to text conversion (Seneca)
* Fixed the displayed number format for AP invoice taxes (Seneca)
* Fixed the selection of taxes when validto is involved (Seneca, anarcat's
  addtion to 1818792)