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1.2.10 Released

The LedgerSMB team is pleased to announce the release of LedgerSMB 1.2.10. 
This release notice, as well as a link to the SourceForge download is on our 
website here:


Changelog for 1.2.10
* Fixed bug 1765161, post button duplicates invoices.(Chris T)
* Adding a minor fixes to COGS edge cases for reversed invoices. (Chris T)
* Fixed bug 1811022. Closedto date problems (Seneca)
* Fixing error on parts cost display, bug 1811470 (Chris T)
* fixed oversight with required_debs.txt name (Joshua D)
* Removing stray quote from button label, bug 1814444 (Seneca)
* Increasing min DBI version (Seneca)
* Apply db_parse_numeric to the correct hashref, fixes 1815081(Seneca)
* Fixed 1815075, Subject of email improperly encoded) (Seneca)
* Set template file output to UTF8 (Seneca)
* Body encoding fixes (Seneca)
* Fixing message-id setting (Seneca)
* Drawer opening now uses correct printer designation (Chris T)
* Change issued is now entered with correct memo field. (Chris T)
* Closing tell report works as advertised (Chris T)
* Fixed 1814437, Multiple paths set causing errors (Seneca)
* Add the ampersand to the HTML escape list for parse_template (Seneca)
* fixed 1815329, $ not escaped properly for LaTeX (Seneca)
* updated Hungarian translation from PongrÃcz IstvÃn (patch 1814156, Seneca)
* Properly handle invoice-type quantities from customer search (Seneca)
* Correcting improper redirect when reposting POS invoices.(Chris T)
* Fixing issues relating to database queries and POS-module redirects (Seneca)
* Fixing bug which hides discount input in POS screen. (Chris T)
* Fixing bug: Obsolete items show on short parts report(Chris T)
* Fixed bugs handling floats as numbers from the database (Seneca)
* Fixing POS screen opening drawer when print/post triggers update (Chris T)
* Add missing $parts_id to query in add_items_required (Seneca)
* Fix purchase order generation screen display (Seneca)
* Shift the extraction of invnumber down a few lines (fixes 1820572, Seneca)
* Fixing bug 1831246, doubleparsing in RC.pm (Seneca)
* Fixing bug 1831410, double parsing in recurring transactions (Seneca)
* Fixed bug 1820698, DBI error: value too long (Seneca)
* Adding db fix script for 1819483 (Chris T)
* Removing duplicate drawer open (Chris T)
* Adding db fix script for primary key in recurring table (Seneca)
* Fix for bug 1831402, session expired re: recurring emails (Seneca)
* More number formatting fixes (Seneca)
* Encoding fixes for the backup routines (Seneca)