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[ledgersmb-users] Re: Multiple Properties per Customer
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[ledgersmb-users] Re: Multiple Properties per Customer

Hi John,

There's currently no nesting deeper than the "Legal entity" > "entity credit account" nesting. How deep would you like your setup to nest? I'm familiar (in a different context) with different "levels" of parents, without modelling the entire ownership tree: "Immediate parent", "Ultimate Legal Parent" and "Ultimate Economic Parent". If you need more than the currently available 2 levels, would these 3 levels be sufficient?
After going over what you have explained above and looking into some of the documentation on the website it looks like the "Legal entity" > "entity credit account" nesting. is exactly what I am after, a single parent entity with multiple children entities. I think the best way forward is to set up a testing environment and run some sample data through to determine if it meets our needs.

Is there enough similarity between version 1.5 as offered by "efficito.com" and version 1.10 that was just released to get a realistic understanding of how the software functions? FreeBSD's port system only offers version 1.2.26 so it will require a manual install to get to version 1.10.

On the whole, 1.5 and 1.10 are quite similar in functionality. Major areas of difference are multi currency support and bank reconciliation. There are however quite a number of differences in the details. Differences that should make life easier and/or the software more self-explanatory.

In short: for assessment of the functionality, yes, you can use the demo system. For assessment of usability, I think a 1.10 system would definitely get you a better experience. (I'm looking to implement a 1.10 demo system because of recent surge in demand; not promising much, though: I have some rather demanding projects going on...)




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