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[ledgersmb-users] Re: Multiple Properties per Customer
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[ledgersmb-users] Re: Multiple Properties per Customer

On 4/28/2023 3:51 AM, o1bigtenor wrote:
On Thu, Apr 27, 2023 at 11:46 PM <..hidden..> wrote:
Can LedgerSMB handle Parent Customers with multiple properties where invoicing is done per property and accounted for separately from the other properties. Payments are made by the parent customer for all the properties they own?
Would suggest an easy solution - - - -trying to keep things very clean
and simple - - - - AIUI the goal in record keeping anyway.

1. invoice per property
2. generate an 'invoice' of the invoices'

It is necessary to have information flow back to the 1st level of
invoice - - - ie when the master invoice is paid
that all the subsidiary invoices are also so marked. If that doesn't
happen - - - well then you will have a mess
trying to determine your accounts aging.

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Would that not be the function of a Statement of the customer's account, to list the invoices they owe?

Creating an "invoice of the invoices" would seem to be double charging the customer, how would the program code not expect payment for the "invoice of the invoices" in addition to the subordinate invoices?

I guess what I'm asking is can LedgerSMB support hierarchical customers with subordinate entities under them. Like where a General Contractor has corporate Clients with multiple branch locations that have to be tracked separately for each contracted job. I realize that I may not be explaining my question very well of how are nested entities handled.

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