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[ledgersmb-users] Contributions soliticited: Testimonials
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[ledgersmb-users] Contributions soliticited: Testimonials

Hi all,

With this mail, I'd like to solicit contributions in the form of testimonials: regularly, the project receives feedback of what can or should be improved. Far less regular is the feedback of what good experiences people have had with the software.

Our site contains a section with Testimonials (https://ledgersmb.org/testimonials) which is a place where potential new users can read about the experiences from existing users.

As it stands, the current testimonials are old aging and the project is urgently in need of new and recent testimonials. This is your chance to help the project. No coding required. No documentation writing required. Only about half an hour in which you write down what your experience with the software is and why and how it benefits your company(companies). Yesterday one new testimonial was contributed; I'm looking for at least two more.

Please contribute this half hour in appreciation of the software you've enjoyed over the past year(s) and donate your testimonial by replying (privately) to this e-mail so I can publish it on the site.



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