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[ledgersmb-users] Re: Error finding template
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[ledgersmb-users] Re: Error finding template

Hi Erik,

On Fri, Nov 20, 2020 at 05:19:30PM +0100, Erik Huelsmann wrote:
> Yes. The output you've pasted below confirms it. Your template is missing
> this essential bit:
> <?lsmb FILTER latex { format="$FORMAT(pdflatex)" }; -?>
> at the top and at the bottom:
> <?lsmb END; -?>
> Please note that after the end, you should have zero or 1 newline,  but not
> a whole series, because any newlines on top of the first will be added to
> the output.
> That should do the trick for both postscript and PDF output. If it doesn't,
> you can change "$FORMAT(pdflatex)" to "ps" to hard-code the output to be
> postscript (even for PDF).

Thanks. I have added these header and footer lines and am now one step
further forward. No output is produced (the request results in a 500 code)
and this is the message in the error log:

Req:8283A5722B5111EBA2BB43DC3F926520 2020/11/20 16:57:45 - ERROR - lsmb_legacy::catch {...}  /var/www/ledgersmb/bin/../old/bin/old-handler.pl (175) -- 'Template error: latex error - pdflatex exited with errors:\nfailed to open /tmp/latexdrv1709_0/latexdoc.log for input at /var/www/ledgersmb/lib/LedgerSMB/Template.pm line 564.\n'

Clearly this means that pdflatex is at least being called now. However,
I don't see why it is trying to open a log file for input. The directory
/tmp/latexdrv1709_0/ does not appear to exist so it was either transient
or has never been there.

This similar error occurs if I try with format="ps" in the template instead:

Req:7D89C6262B5311EBA36542DC3F926520 2020/11/20 17:11:56 - ERROR - lsmb_legacy::catch {...}  /var/www/ledgersmb/bin/../old/bin/old-handler.pl (175) -- 'Template error: latex error - latex exited with errors:\nfailed to open /tmp/latexdrv1862_0/latexdoc.log for input at /var/www/ledgersmb/lib/LedgerSMB/Template.pm line 564.\n'

The template file ends like this (as hexdump so you can see the newlines)

0000000 655c 646e 647b 636f 6d75 6e65 7d74 3c0a
0000010 6c3f 6d73 2062 4e45 3b44 2d20 3e3f 000a

I would appreciate any further insight you might have. If there is
up-to-date documentation for the templates that would be good to see also.


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