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[ledgersmb-users] Re: Replacement of tokens in SQL files
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[ledgersmb-users] Re: Replacement of tokens in SQL files

Hi Pete,

[ ...]
> Not knowing
> how many people are still on 1.2, at the time, it looked like a dumb goal
> to give a high priority. However,  if there are (many) others on this
> mailing list on 1.2 as well, I'll be happy to work on that goal in the
> short term!

I don't suppose there will be many still using it. We are only still
using it because the upgrades to 1.3 in the past were so problematic
that it was always put off. Inertia can be a powerful thing.

True. Which is why I'm hoping that there are other users on the list who -if still on 1.2 or knowing others who still are- will speak up so we have some idea about the situation. On the other hand, I really feel that you're likely not alone with the pain you felt when trying to move to 1.3. If the same inertia happened for others, there might actually be quite some more users on 1.2!
[ ... ]

The problem with all these database errors is that they abort the
transaction and therefore it is unclear to me whether the rest of the
transaction would have been important or not.

Yes. That's why we are currently running a very different procedure where there are scripts running to verify that the schema data *can* be migrated to the new version and - if not - which offer data-correction possibilities in-application. The nice thing is that if these scripts fail, we can analyse your specific problem and determine whether it likely has any impact on others. Then, we can include extra checks in a new release which then allow your migration to proceed just the way you expect. Additional benefit: the community as a whole will have a better migration experience.
Something is clearly
going wrong with the upgrade as a whole as, for example, the ap table
is completely empty after the upgrade.  There are 185 errors listed in
the db log file and trying to guess which ones are relevant makes the
whole thing more difficult.

Feel free to send me the dump with errors [off-list] (and the file you're running which is causing them). I'll have a look and see if I can help you based on that.
I will persist.

Thanks! I hope you will help us learn from your experience and make it easier for whomever is still on 1.2...



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