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[ledgersmb-users] setup and login errors.
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[ledgersmb-users] setup and login errors.


I'm new to LedgerSMB and have just set up 1.7.6. I had some trouble
getting it past an internal server error on /setup.pl, and in the
process found this error while running uwsgi in the foreground
(daemonize = false):

Trace begun at (eval 633) line 1
main::__ANON__('Can\'t call method "can" without a package or object
reference at /opt/ledgersmb/176/lib/LedgerSMB/Template.pm line 398.^J')
called at /opt/ledgersmb/176/lib/LedgerSMB/Template.pm line 398 eval
{...} at /opt/ledgersmb/176/lib/LedgerSMB/Template.pm line 398

the rest of the trace is available if wanted.

System: Gentoo, perl 5.30.0, nginx, uwsgi. 

After setting uwsgi back to daemonize, lsmb started running properly
though without giving any clue as to why this changed.

The second error is that I can't login this morning - the page claims
'bad username/password', when these are correct. 

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