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[ledgersmb-users] Adding parts
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[ledgersmb-users] Adding parts

I have just done a "stock" install of LedgerSMB 1.6 from the
Debian 10 "Buster" repository.  I used USA "General" CoA.

I have a user with "full permission", and when logged in with that
user, if I try to create a new part I get a popup window saying
"An error occurred"

I get the same error for "add service", "add assembly", "add
overhead", "add group", "add price group".

More poking around and I find I get the same error for "Order
Entry > Sales Order" or "Purchase Order" as well as a lot of other
"add ..." items.

I can add contacts.  

I checked the user from "setup.pl" and the user has all the group
check boxes marked.

Is there something else I'm missing?

--  f

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