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[ledgersmb-users] New install on Debian 10 (buster)
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[ledgersmb-users] New install on Debian 10 (buster)

I'm having troubles with configuration, setup, running.  I have
been using SQL-Ledger for many years but now I must update...

I can access the ledgersmb login using links browser pointed to
localhost.  But I'm failing to figure out how to allows LAN access. 

I have a fresh install of Debian on a machine.  I used the package
manager to install ledgerSMB 1.6.9.  To keep it light, no X.  This
system is for a very small organization.  One login typical, never
more than 5, access from inside the LAN only.  

Any clues on how to setup Apache or Starman or ??  to make this
setup work?

--    fm
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