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Re: [ledgersmb-users] <br/> To the next line not in line
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Re: [ledgersmb-users] <br/> To the next line not in line

Hi Angelene,

Thank you for your question and patience with our response.

Normally when you enter the description, on the order or in the part definition it's as simple as using "shift-enter" to insert the line breaks.

I say "normally" as that is supposed to work, and does correctly store and display on screen.
However, it seems we have a small issue with the output processor that generates  printed and emailed orders and invoices that causes these line breaks to be displayed as "<br>" if the output is generated as html, and incorrect tabulation if the output is pdf

I have raised an issue to track this which can be found here issue #3457

If you visit that issue link, you can click "Subscribe" under Notifications on the right to receive notification when we update the issue

David G

On 22/02/18 16:49, Angelene Jamias wrote:
Hi Team, 

How I can solve this issue, I need to see the text on the other line but this is  not functioning the command will show at the end of the sentence. Kindly see attachment for references to really understand the issues.

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