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Request help

Hi all:

I believe in software libre ! I am searching an ERP program to recommend in my country and in other countries if it is possible to me to middle and small companies using in cloud or installed in their own servers. I usually make some probes to know how it works and if it is fine, I want to contribute with you making or update manuals, translations and similar. I would offer too my knowledge in business to improve (If you want), some process, if it is necessary.

Would someone help me with my installation, about the issue I told you before:

Each time I do a process in LedgerSMB 1.4.35-dev the system requests me my user and my password. I can't make a journal entry either payment because the system requests me too the password and user but in this case it isn't accept.

I don't understand why the ppa update to 1.4.35-dev if it is on development and not in production, and the 1.4.34 is the version stable as you comment in your site.


Jorge Rodríguez 

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