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Re: Handling of Customers and Vendors.

Hi Arne, Michael,

On Wed, May 18, 2016 at 6:19 PM, Arne Hanssen <..hidden..> wrote:
Thanks. That helped, I changed and saved mye permissions and now the
[Save changes] at the bottom of Taxes area works (last time I got an
error screen).

Arne H.

Den 17. mai 2016 19:03, skrev Michael Richardson:
> Arne Hanssen <..hidden..> wrote:
>      > I'm using LSMB 1.4.28 and two questions came up recently:
>      > 1. How do I prevent a vendor from showing up in dropdowns etc.?  For
>      > example one of my vendors went bankcrupt recently and I don't need to
>      > have him "clutter" my dialogs.  I tried to set 'Credit Accounts' -> 'End
>      > Date' in the 'Edit Vendor' dialog, but there is no Save button so I
>      > could not give that a try...
> I discovered that in the process of upgrades that my login did not have all
> of the required (database/role) permissions.  So I wonder if that explains
> the lack of save button there (I've seen the same problem).

From which version to which version did you upgrade that this problem started to show?



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