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Re: migration to sql-ledger

Chris Travers <..hidden..> wrote:
    > Ok so as I understand it the problem is that reversals and their re-entries,
    > when shown by default on gl searches clutter them.

    > I guess I think there are three prongs to a strategy to make this better.

    > 1. First we have the draft interface which lets you review and change a
    > transaction until you decide it is ready to post. So one question is what we
    > can do to make that more useful in terms of avoiding these problems. Are
    > there any reports to add? Note in 1.4 everything can be a draft (including
    > invoices with inventory).

a) The drafts are not easily found and not always editable when I think they
   should be.

b) I need to see the reconciliation report with all the drafts that I
   entered.  I won't know if I put the correct amount of CREDIT CARD interest
   (or I got the sign right if a GL entry) until I see the reconcilation report.
   I don't need to *submit* the reconciliation report with unposted drafts.

c) I need to be able to work incrementally so that each time I hit update on
   the reconciliation report I can see the new reports.

d) I need to be able to edit the drafts even though the reconciliation report
   shows them.

    > 2. Do we need a "voided" flag that can be used to hide voids and voided
    > transactions from some searches?


    > 3. Are there any other workflow issues in the current approach?

I'd like to see all things remain as "DRAFT" until they are marked "cleared"
in a reconciliation.

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