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Re: Problems with AP transactions

Erik Huelsmann a écrit :
> On Thu, Mar 31, 2016 at 9:36 PM, Nicolas Couchoud <
> ..hidden..> wrote:
> [...]
>       I have two problems with my first AP transaction :
>     1) In the reports (General Journal -> Reports or Reports -> Chart of
>     accounts), in the description field, I obtain the name of the vendor,
>     instead of the description I wrote when editing the transaction.
> Ok. There currently is no column for the name of the customer. Would you expect
> (the option to add) a separate column for the customer name and have the
> description shown in the description column? (Note: the current behaviour has
> worked for me, because I've never used the description field in the AR/AP
> transactions...)

  This is a possibility. But in fact, I dont't see the point of having the
name of the vendor in the accounts : it is more important to know why I
spent money than just whom I gave it.

>     2) When trying to post the paying of the transaction (Cash -> Payment), I
>     obtain an Internal server error, and the Apache logs contain this :
>     [...]
>     This second problem is, of course, much more annoying because it seems I
>     just cannot post the payment of a transaction !
>       How can I solve this ?
> On the line mentioned in the error message (LedgerSMB/DBObject/Payment.pm:800)
> is one of the very few statements that differ between 1.3.46 and 1.3.47. So
> your solution would probably be to update to 1.3.47.
> Now, that isn't as hopeless as it sounds, because on IRC (#ledgersmb on
> freenode.net), I just talked to the package maintainer (Jame, in cc) and he's
> actually processing the last tests on the 1.3.47 package before uploading that
> to backports.

  Eventually I installed version 1.3.47 from testing. (As it depends only
on packages present in stable, I suppose the package could be copied as is
in backports.) I don't have the bug anymore. (And of course, I consider
upgrading to 1.4 later.)

> No problem at all! On the contrary, if you have more questions, please feel
> free to mail and we'll try to find the right answer for LedgerSMB.

  Thank you.
  Another question is : is there a detailed documentation about the AP
feature, with for example a description of the meaning of each button in
the Cash->Payment window ? I haven't found anything precise in the manual
(LedgerSMB-manual.pdf) or in book.ledgersmb.org.
  Something I haven't found how to do is the following. Sometimes I pay
several invoices to the same vendor with one money transfer. I would like
it to appear as only one line in the general ledger for the bank account,
instead of one line per invoice, because it would make reconciliation with
the bank easier. How can I do that ?

  In fact, I wonder whether it would not be simpler to just not use the
AP/AR feature and do everything with GL.


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