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Re: 1.4: some culture shock from 1.2 longtime user

Hi Erik,

Thanks for the response.
> - Where have projects gone?  Or are they just under a different name and I
> don't recognize them anymore?
You can find them under System > Reporting units. Here they can be
activated -- as well as departments or other cost elements.

Okay.   That worked.
> - AP add transaction (and AR add transaction): Vendors/Customers (name)
> used to be dropdown menu in 1.2, it is now just an empty box... and we find
> that workflow is impacted because we have to do an extra update to get
> vendor name in there.  What was the reasoning behind removing the
> dropdown?  Can this be configured to appear as dropdown?
Yes. Go to System > Defaults > "Max per dropdown"   Fill out the maximum
number of items you want in the dropdown. The dropdown will re-appear.

I changed this to 10, then 20... I still don't get any customer/vendor name dropdown.

I tried the 1.4 demo at efficicito.com, but I couldn't set the 'Max per dropdown' value so I'm not sure it works there either...
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