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Re: 1.4: some culture shock from 1.2 longtime user

Hi Michael,

On Thu, Feb 11, 2016 at 12:14 AM, Michael Kers <..hidden..> wrote:
I just did a major upgrade from 1.2.26 to 1.4.23 and quite a lot has changed...  So I had a couple quick questions on where things are, and how to do some stuff I could do before.

- Where have projects gone?  Or are they just under a different name and I don't recognize them anymore?

You can find them under System > Reporting units. Here they can be activated -- as well as departments or other cost elements.
- AP add transaction (and AR add transaction): Vendors/Customers (name) used to be dropdown menu in 1.2, it is now just an empty box... and we find that workflow is impacted because we have to do an extra update to get vendor name in there.  What was the reasoning behind removing the dropdown?  Can this be configured to appear as dropdown?

Yes. Go to System > Defaults > "Max per dropdown"   Fill out the maximum number of items you want in the dropdown. The dropdown will re-appear.



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