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Re: recurring transactions / templates in 1.4?

Hi Craig,

On 06/01/16 08:24, Craig wrote:
> Thanks, Erik!  More inline.
> On Tue, Jan 05, 2016 at 04:12:40PM +0100, Erik Huelsmann wrote:
>>> I understand from the list that there's an intention to move away from
>>> recurring transactions and towards separate templates.
>> That's right. The current recurring transactions are based on posted
>> transactions, which means there needs to be a posted transaction before you
>> can create recurring transactions. The idea of having separate templates is
>> that you can create them even if there's no posted transaction.
> Makes sense to me, and I think it's a good idea.  Recurring transactions
> have been iffy throughout, and I think templates are potentially a more
> robust framework.
>>>  As I understand,
>>> templates don't currently work (throw errors),
>> We've recently found the same. Chris has been working to fix this
>> situation, but that turned out to take longer than expected. The fix is
>> planned to be included in one of the upcoming releases.
> I saw that issue on github. What's the normal workflow on bug fixing -- ie., if
> someone other than Chris wanted to help with it?  It doesn't seem that
> the github is a focal point for details of errors thrown, suggestions for
> code blocks to work on, etc. -- would that be more on irc?  (And maybe
> this is more of a -devel list topic...)
Please feel free to add extra information to issues, every bit helps.
Currently most information on specific errors etc seems to come in via
email or on IRC
It would be nice for some issues (especially the less obvious ones) to
have extra info on github.
>>> and I'm not sure about
>>> the status of recurring transactions.  In my upgraded install, existing
>>> recurring transactions disappear from the list when I edit them, and new
>>> ones (by "Schedule"ing an AR entry, say) don't show up at all.
>> That's definitely a bug. I'll see if I can reproduce it locally (well, I
>> don't have any recurring ones, but I can see if they don't show up at all).
>> Even though the intent is to move away from recurring transactions, the
>> functionality won't be removed at this time. When we do, we probably want
>> to assure an upgrade path with transactions/invoices marked as 'recurring'
>> being migrated to templates or a similar solution. Does it happen to
>> transactions in a newly created database/company? (I'm assuming so and will
>> test myself as well.)
> What are you getting?  FWIW, here's some more details (but should I put
> them here on in github issue tracker?)--
> 1) On an AR transaction, click schedule.
> 2) Keep date the same, and enter "every 1 month 3 times"
> 3) Goes back to Ar with "saved schedule" message, but nothing shows on
> recurring transactions.
> 4) If I change the date, or use some other parameters, I get one of the
> following errors (not sure exactly what causes which, etc.)
> '
> SELECT c.*, coalesce(ecl.address, el.address) as address,
> coalesce(ecl.city, el.city) as city, 
> e.name, e.control_code, 
> ctf.default_reportable
> FROM entity_credit_account c
> JOIN entity e ON (c.entity_id = e.id)
> LEFT JOIN (SELECT coalesce(line_one, '')
> || ' ' || coalesce(line_two, '') as address,
> l.city, etl.credit_id
> FROM eca_to_location etl
> JOIN location l ON etl.location_id = l.id
> WHERE etl.location_class = 1) ecl
> ON (c.id = ecl.credit_id)
> LEFT JOIN (SELECT coalesce(line_one, '')
> || ' ' || coalesce(line_two, '') as address,
> l.city, etl.entity_id
> FROM entity_to_location etl
> JOIN location l ON etl.location_id = l.id
> WHERE etl.location_class = 1) el
> ON (c.entity_id = el.entity_id)
> LEFT JOIN country_tax_form ctf ON (c.taxform_id = ctf.id)
> WHERE (lower(e.name) LIKE ?
> OR c.meta_number ILIKE ?
> or e.name @@ plainto_tsquery(?))
> AND coalesce(?, c.entity_class) = c.entity_class
> AND (c.startdate IS NULL OR c.startdate <= ?)
> AND (c.enddate IS NULL OR c.enddate >= ?)
> ORDER BY e.name
> ERROR: current transaction is aborted, commands ignored until end of
> transaction block at bin/arap.pl line 113.
> '
> OR
> 'SELECT a.accno, a.description, a.link
> FROM chart a
> JOIN account ON a.id = account.id AND NOT account.obsolete
> WHERE (link LIKE ?) OR account.tax
> ORDER BY accno
> ERROR: current transaction is aborted, commands ignored until end of
> transaction block at bin/aa.pl line 191.
> '
>>> FWIW, I'm thinking about getting more involved in LedgerSMB as a project,
>> That would be great! The irc://chat.freenode.net/#ledgersmb channel is
>> pretty active these days. If you need help/ want to discuss your questions
>> in real time, it might be an option to pop in and see if we can help.
> I'll do that soonish, esp. when I get a full chunk of time to work on it.
>>> possibly moving into some customizing (I've done a bunch of BIRT reports
>>> for the 1.2 version) and possibly coding, etc.
>> We highly appreciate any and all contributions: bug reports,
>> customizations, coding, testing, UI improvements, documentation, you name
>> it. Let us know what you need to be able to contribute and we'll see what
>> we can do to provide for it.
> Great! I think getting some input on folks' development environments
> would be helpful, and more of a layout of the current codebase, best
> practices, etc.  Sounds like perhaps using IRC to get specific
> suggestions on particular bugs and building up from there might be the
> way to go based on current practice, so I'll try that.
Yep, IRC is a good place to start if you want to get involved, or even
just ask a simple question on how to use a feature.
I'm always logged in as dcg and depending on what I'm working on can be
present at any time of the day or night.
There is normally someone around these days.
Keep in mind we are all in different timezones so drop in and say hi and
ask a question, but keep the channel open, it could be a while (or
sometimes hours) before someone can respond.

Hope to see you there.
> Best,
> Craig
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