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Re: Many hands make light work: what can we do to get 10 minutes of your time in 2016?

Hi Erik,


As a start I will gladly try my best to support to Dutch translations!






Van: Erik Huelsmann [mailto:..hidden..]
Verzonden: woensdag 30 december 2015 15:11
Aan: ledger-smb-users lists.sourceforge.net
Onderwerp: [Ledger-smb-users] Many hands make light work: what can we do to get 10 minutes of your time in 2016?


Maybe you're a happy or even long-time happy user of LedgerSMB. And maybe you're mostly satisfied with the application. Satisfied enough so you didn't have to interact much with the project. Not even to file bug reports.

If you are that user, then this question is probably for you! As they say "Many hands make light work" and there's lots of work to be done in the project! For those who shudder at the thought of having to write code, fear not! There's a lot more to be done than writing code and other complex "nerdy" stuff.

Examples of smaller tasks:

 * Contribute your testimonial to the website

 * Write a review on SourceForge

 * Add content suggestions to the project website (http://ledgersmb.org)

 * Sending your user-experience to the developers so we can improve on it


Examples of bigger tasks

 * Translate the project to your language

 * Document your workflows and publish them for others to benefit

Of course there are lots of other tasks to be thought of as well.

If every user spent 10 minutes every year giving to the project, our task would get a lot lighter! So, this is a solicitation for feedback: what do we need to do to enable you to spend 10 minutes on LedgerSMB in 2016?

Have a safe year-end and a happy and healthy 2016!






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