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Re: Linux Mint Installation???

On Sun, Nov 15, 2015 at 10:58 PM, Michael Richardson <..hidden..> wrote:

Robert James Clay <..hidden..> wrote:
    > On Thursday, November 12, 2015 04:02:59 PM Paul Bolger wrote:
    >> I thought that the Debian repository had been updated -
    >> "Preliminary Debian package for LedgerSMB v1.4.15" from around the
    >> beginning of September.

    >     Not the Debian repository; the LedgerSMB repository at
    > apt.ledgersmb.org.

I didn't know about this repo.
Thank you very very much.

Not sure who is responsible for it, but the IPv6 is broken.
(My accounting VM doesn't need an IPv4, so it hasn't got one..)

Thanks for the report!

Most of the work on the machine is done by Jame, but I took the liberty to fix the IPv6 access (it wasn't listening on IPv6). It seems to be listening on IPv6 now. Could you check that it's working correctly?

obiwan-[~] mcr 10019 %telnet -6 apt.ledgersmb.org 80
Trying 2a01:4f8:200:8261::a00...
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused
[1]    23846 exit 1     telnet -6 apt.ledgersmb.org 80
obiwan-[~] mcr 10020 %telnet -4 apt.ledgersmb.org 80
Connected to apt.ledgersmb.org.
Escape character is '^]'.




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