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Re: Linux Mint Installation???

On Thursday, November 12, 2015 04:02:59 PM Paul Bolger wrote:
> I thought that the Debian repository had been updated -
> "Preliminary Debian package for LedgerSMB v1.4.15" from around the
> beginning of September.

    Not the Debian repository;  the LedgerSMB repository at apt.ledgersmb.org.

> Not sure what 'preliminary' means in Apt terms though.

   It means it's not ready to be uploaded to Debian yet but is otherwise 
usable.  Or should be;  if there are circumstances where it does not, I need 
to know.

> I must confess that I've always found getting ledgersmb running (and
> I've been using Debian for some years as my primary OS) pretty
> challenging.

   In what way?  On which distro(s)?  

   Admittedly I get a lot of practice of practice installing LedgerSMB 
packages (although not on Linux Mint, yet, since I haven't tested it there 
yet); but once a particular version of the package is working, getting it 
running on a new or update install just involves updating the apache 
configuration for use on my LAN (I use linux containers with different distros 
hosted on one of my servers for testing), then log in to setup.pl with the 
'ledgersmb' DB Admin user password I set during the package install, and add 
or update the company database. 

RJ Clay

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