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Re: Default settings - Income

Hi Jerry,

On Thu, Oct 1, 2015 at 11:03 PM, JBash <..hidden..> wrote:

I've installed the general.sql template when initializing the company database.  The default account setting for income is '4430 -- Shipping and Handling.' As I'm using ledgersmb for a service oriented business, I'd like to change this.  The dropdown in the 'System Defaults' page does not display other choices for the default account for income.

If you want other accounts to be marked as "to be used for posting sales transactions", you need to add "Income" checkmarks on the lines "tracking items" and "non-tracking items". With the checkmarks added there, the accounts will show up both in the AR->Add Transaction screen and in the System->Defaults screen.
The same is true for the Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold dropdown.  Foriegn Exchange Gain and Loss show the entire chart of accounts when I select their dropdown.

Same for "Cost of Goods sold"/"Expenses": add the checkmarks to the accounts you want to pop up in the expense-posting screen (AP->Add Transaction) and these accounts will show up in the dropdown on the System->Defaults screen too.

Inventory is different, because accounts are added to the list of inventory accounts only when they have "Inventory" as the value for "Summary account for".

The FX result account(s) can indeed be selected from the entire balance: there's no checkmark to limit the number of accounts listed there. The role of these two accounts is different than the role of the accounts in the other dropdowns. While the others are *defaults* (to be selected from a set), these accounts aren't *defaults* they are *the* accounts to which FX results will be posted.

Is this the expected behavior?

  How do I go about changing the default account for Income?

If you have problems configuring the drop-downs, even after reading the above, please do report back. Maybe we can then find other words.


(ledgersmb 1.4.15 on debian stretch machine)



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