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Description field not showing up on html printed invoice


I'm using ledgersmb 1.4.15 on a debian stretch machine, postgres 9.4, apache 2.4

I am experimenting with using ledgersmb for a small (mostly service) business.  My question has to do with creating invoices to print / email.  At the moment I'm looking at the html printed product from the default invoice.html template, and have noticed that the 'Description' field is blank on the invoices.  I assume that this should be populated with the line item description on the 'Edit Sales Invoice' page itself.   There is another description field on the invoice (just below the 'Currency' field and above the 'Shipping Point' field.

I have discovered that I can create a service and then auto-populate the line item description with it (after typing a few characters)... very nice.   The other Description field on the 'Edit Sales Invoice' page seems to be entirely manual.  With both these field populated, I still am not getting a description on the line item when I print the invoice to an html file.

I'm a very new user, so it's quite possible that I have a mis-understanding about what to expect, so please let me know if this is the case.

Thank you,
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