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Re: Fwd: Installation question - database connection

Hi Jerry,
I am installing legersmb for the first time.  I'm currently running it on Ubuntu 14.04.  I've downloaded 1.4.15 and have gotten Apache2 configured to display it locally (using a virtual host).

I'm now stuck connecting to and configuring the database.  I have postgres 9.4 installed, and have created a user with superuser, create role, and create database privileges.

Ok. Any user which has 'superuser' has all the other roles too, by definition, but adding them doesn't hurt. Did you set the new super user's password?
  I've also created a database owned by this user.

This step is too quick: the setup programs will create the database for you and create the schema inside it which makes it a LedgerSMB company administration.
When I direct the browser to the website/setup.pl, using the database user, password, and database, I am not able to connect.  (I also added the line 'host all all md5', as indicated in the INSTALL file).

What error are you getting? Are you unable to connect to setup.pl? Or are you unable to connect to the database through setup.pl?

I've also tried the script supplied in the ./tools directory to configure the company database.  Ie.,
sudo sh prepare-company-database.sh --company testinc --pgsql-contrib /usr/share/postgresql/9.4/extension/
In this case, I get a message that "* These arguments don't have a default, but are required'

I only see two options with asterisks, so am not sure which other arguments I need to specify.

Maybe, at the top, before all else, there's an error message specifying what the problem is; from reading the script, that's what should be happening. The setup.pl way is the tried and true way to create a new database for new users, though, due to the fact that the prepare-company-database.sh script needs to run as 'root' and also uses 'su' itself.

Hope that helps!



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