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Re: Integrating LedgerSMB with a member database

  Hi Erik,

  Thank you for your quick answer (and sorry for my late one).

Erik Huelsmann a écrit :
>     [I wrote earlier]
>     The fact that LedgerSMB also uses
>     PostgreSQL to store accounting data is very promising from this point of
>     view.
>       So I have some questions to ask :
>     1) To ease integration between alumni and accounting data, I would like to
>     have them both in the same database. This implies to put accounting data in
>     a different namespace than alumni data to avoid name clashes. Is this
>     possible ?
> It *should* be possible, but in all honesty, I haven't tested.
>     If I change the db_namespace variable in
>     /etc/ledgersmb/ledgersmb.conf, is it enough to ensure that LedgerSMB will
>     never do anything in namespace "public" ?
> That's the intent indeed. 

  I tried to set this up using setup.pl on the web server. Here is what I
obtained, with db_namespace=ledgersmb in ledgersmb.conf :
1) When trying on a non-existing database, it creates tables in schema
public, then complains (in the server logs) that schema ledgersmb does not
exists, and aborts.
2) When trying on an existing empty database, it says it found an unknown
database, and does not do anything but back it up.
  So what should I do ? Am I supposed to patch
tools/prepare-company-database.sh to set things up manually ?


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