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upgrade from 1.3 to

I believe that I previously posted about problems with an upgrade from 1.3 to
1.4. I can't find that outgoing email, so perhaps it was my imagination that
I had reported the issue.

A major source of problems was that I had the debian ledgersmb package
installed, and so there were LedgerSMB modules installed into
/usr/share/perl.  (I really dislike having application-specific modules
installed system-wide.  It makes it extremely difficult to install multiple
versions, debug things, etc.  This may be more of a problem with the debian
packaging than anything else, although I run into this problem with Catalyst
based system I deal with)

I found this, removed the package, and then found more in /usr/local/share/perl.
I re-ran perl Makefile.PL, etc. again, and found that the strange errors went
away; but I still can not seem to save a new AP Transaction.
(I did go back and re-run the setup.pl just to be sure.  If re-loading
my 1.3 saved SQL file is useful, I could do that)

I click on Update, and all is good.  I click on Save, and I get:
  Action: post, ID:

no number at the top, and the form does not change to include Post-As-Saved,

As an aside, I looked through the list of un-approved transaction, wondering
if it had made it into that list, and it did not.  I did find one from
last August which should go away, and I selected "Delete" and got an error:

2015/02/07 21:54:32 - ERROR - LedgerSMB::_error LedgerSMB.pm (650) -- 23503:ERROR:  update or delete on table "acc_trans" violates foreign key constraint "business_unit_ac_entry_id_fkey" on table "business_unit_ac"
DETAIL:  Key (entry_id)=(24190) is still referenced from table "business_unit_ac".
CONTEXT:  SQL statement "DELETE FROM acc_trans WHERE trans_id = in_id"
PL/pgSQL function "draft_delete" line 9 at SQL statement at LedgerSMB.pm line 782.
2015/02/07 21:54:32 - ERROR - LedgerSMB::_error LedgerSMB.pm (651) -- dbversion: 1.4.10, company: sswbooks
Died at LedgerSMB.pm line 664.

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