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Re: 1.4.x : no transactions report

>> I'm in the process of moving from 1.3.40 to 1.4.10 but have hit a block.
>> I am a UK limited company, registered for VAT.
>> 1.3.x has two reports that I use for completing my quarterly VAT return:
>>   Sales->Reports->Transactions
>>   Purchases->Reports->Transactions
>> These reports allowed me to list all transactions for a given time
>> period,
>> with their associated tax amounts. I see no way to do this in 1.4.x.
>> Is there any equivalent to these reports in 1.4.10?
> Try the AR/Search.  It is closely based on the transaction report.
> If there is anything missing there, we can look at adding it.

Thank you Chris - that's exactly what I needed. I appreciate your help.

In time, I'd like to work on more automated reporting of VAT, but for now,
my workflow is to copy and paste that report into a spreadsheet and
manually adjust for special cases (such as intra-EU sales/purchases)
before filing my return.

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