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Bookstore part handling

We have a tiny little book business.

We ONLY have one of each part. If we sell a book, buy the same book back, 
it will have a new number. Collectibles aren't like widgets in that 

Historically the workflow was: obtain book, accession it, add purchase 
information to ledgersmb and add the new book as a new part using the 
accession number as the partnumber.

We need to improve our inventory handling.

Basically, we need to be able to enter a book and purchase information, 
mark the book as _on order_ or _recieved_. When the book is described and 
accessioned in the bibliography system, we need to mark the book as 
inventory, attach the accession number and the author/title information to 
the book for future sales invoices. The COGS needs to apply to just that 
one book.

Has anyone else got a similar part-workflow? Or ideas on how to best use 
ledgersmb for this workflow?


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