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Support in Estonia / Estonian language?

Is there anyone in the list or do You know someone who could provide LedgerSMB support in Estonia and in Estonian language?

I have been using LedgerSMB since the beginning of it's existence and before used SQL-Ledger. I'm providing support to two accounting companies (7 users) now with over 200 databases. Some of their clients also enter data to LedgerSMB directly. This has been hobby and I have no more time for this. So I need someone to come in and replace me...

Tasks needed to get done:
- additional Report for VAT reporting to Estonian tax authority (all invoices over 1000 EUR per partner per month)
- help with creating customized invoices and other templates in tex

We still use LedgerSMB 1.2.26. So after completing urgent tasks the next task would be upgrading LedgerSMB to latest version.

If there is any advanced level users in Estonia, please let me known about Yourself!

Vastust ootama jäädes,

Peeter Pärtel

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