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LedgerSMB 1.4.8 released

This release corrects handling of employees on Add Contact menu item.  The employees can now be managed entirely through the Contact menu.  This also improves on the business unit system, allowing for multiple top-level units per class, and includes many other improvements to the user interface.

Many of these improvements really should have been caught and made during the release candidate process for 1.4.0 but were not for one reason or another.  The changes of this specific release may introduce minor bugs into workflows or break existing workflows.  On the other hand, we believe that this is an improvement in the robustness of the software.  If you are not affected by any of the changelog entries below, you may want to hold off for a release or two.  If you are, however, you should probably upgrade as quickly as possible.

The complete changelog is below.

Changelog for 1.4.8
* Fixed end-date not a date widget on employee div (Chris T)
* Fixed errors saving person as employee on contacts screen (Chris T)
* Added min empty lines for orders, invoices, and gl (Chris T, 1277)
* Fixed 1280, credit/debit invoices flipping signs (Chris T)
* Fixed 1279, gaps possible if drafts are deleted (Chris T)
* Fixed 1287, perl errors on missing inputs on setup.pl (Chris T)
* Fixed 1285, unable to enter more than 1 top-level rep. unit (Chris T)
* Fixed 1283, dash in header of amounts col in PNL (Chris T)
* Fixed 1284, pdf pnl does not work over https or nonstandard ports (Chris T)
* Fixed 1282, business units not passed to trial balance (Chris T)

Chris T is Chris Travers

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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