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Re: error when adding item to sales order

I have noticed a pattern!!
the error happens while entering the first item after a "save".
Not all saves cause it to happen but maybe the third or fourth save of an order (I press continue to overwrite an order).
As I am entering an order I press save occasionally as I am going along.

any ideas?


On Tue, Oct 21, 2014 at 5:15 PM, Bill Appelbe <..hidden..> wrote:
using LedgerSMB 1.4.4.
I am getting an intermittent error.
I have a database set up with a lot of parts (>18,000).
I go to order entry - > sales order.
I enter items (using item number) and a quantity for each item.
This works well.
Occasionally I get an error as below.
I can use back arrow and save the order fine.
I cannot add any more items to this order (I can open a new order and work away). This does not happen at the same point in the order (one order I have 104 items before it happens others fewer).
I get the same error if I add an item by Description.

any pointers? I have been trying to find a non number in a numercal field but can't find one.




'LedgerSMB::PGNumber Invalid Number at LedgerSMB/PGNumber.pm line 167.

dbversion: 1.4.4, company: JelanTest

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