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Upgrading lsmb-1.2 database


I'm attempting to upgrade an old database backup that was created back
in 2011 using ledgersmb-1.2.

The pg_restore process completed successfully with just one trivial
error: could not execute query: ERROR:  language "plpgsql" already

Trying to run the upgrade process using lsmb-1.4.4 it errored out
saying I should check the logs in /etc/ledgersmb but I have no such

With lsmb-1.3.44 the upgrade process completes but with 0 row counts
for all but users (1) and vendors (2). I get no actual data in the
company, even the chart of accounts is empty.

Attached is a syslog dump of entries logged by postgresql during the
upgrade process using lsmb-1.3.44.

Can anyone help me get the database upgraded completely?

Attachment: lsmb-upgrade-pg.log.tar.xz
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