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Re: Observations on the install of 1.4.0, request for help

On Tue, 16 Sep 2014, Pongrácz István wrote:


When you add a new user, it will be a DB user and it will be added to your lsmb instance.

Ok, that didn't seem obvious to me. I envisioned the lsmb user to be separate from the db user. I now understand that lsmb sits on top of postgresql users.

Workaround: Create again that user but check Import user -> it should not create Postgres Login Roles but import it to the actual DB as user and populate its details with the freshly entered values. The key moment is: enable Import on creating new use when you use setup.pl

Import works

If you want to start again with clean install, you should remove:
- all relevant group roles: for example if you used demo as db name, you should delete all group roles started with lsmb_demo_*
- all unwanted users from postgres Login Roles. Be careful to not delete valid user, which is part of other dbs or system.
- drop the db

perl tools/drop-roles.pl --company=lsmb14 --postgres_username=SuperUser

xedemo - xetex for supporting utf-8 (at least I use it with 1.3)
demo - latex - utf8 chars will failed on printing
demo_with images - no idea, maybe company log included in the header or something like this

Ok, just went with xedemo. When installing, it helps to have a blurb that tells you why you might choose one option over another. For country code that was obvious, for templates, not so much.

Good luck!

Thanks. Now I'll try an upgrade from 1.3.x


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