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LedgerSMB 1.3 & 1.4 Appliance Intro based on Linuxmint 17 LTS

Hi Everyone,

After I saw several people have problems with installing and managing ledgersmb, I planned to build a standalone LedgerSMB appliance.

I plan to sell these appliances worldwide to companies, which contains:

Please note: my company is a special hardware distributor and supporter since 2009. Company details can be found here: www.startit.hu

Here are the goals (requirements) and existing feature list of the system:


Feature list

Hardware features:

Youtube video of the appliance (recorded directly from the hdmi output of the appliance):

Here I share the quick howto document about the system, which can help others to build their own solution/system, for free :)

----------------------  System Doc for Linux power users -----------------

System users
ledgersmb : ledgersmb
postgres : ledgersmb

GUI / Xfce4
The system uses autologin to start the GUI, so, it is not necessary to login manually.
Using the Xfce, the user can setup the network, dropbox, access to the DB via pgadmin3,
can configure printer, network share etc.
Please refer to the Linuxmint Xfce control panel.

LedgerSMB repo paths
1.3 git local clone:

1.4 git local clone:

LedgerSMB path
(www-data:www-data 0775)

- /etc/nginx/conf.d/lsmb.conf : added:
fastcgi_read_timeout 120s;
- Details in /home/ledgersmb/Desktop/modifications-to-1.3.log
ledgersmb-red.css change
file upload limit to 40MB
cookie name changed
contrib dir changed to the actual version of postgresql

nginx + fcgiwrap

all authentication changed to md5 from peer, even on localhost

Accessing to ledgersmb

Superuser and password:
postgres : ledgersmb

Accessing to the test system:
User : test
Password : test
Company : test

Email system
Postfix installed as satellite system, using gmail as smtp relay with authentication.
Setup your account as smtp relay server:
nano -w /etc/postfix/sasl_passwd
chmod 400 /etc/postfix/sasl_passwd
postmap /etc/postfix/sasl_passwd
restart postfix

DB backup happens every day (cron.daily) for all databases in Postgresql.
The backup directory is: /home/ledgersmb/Dropbox/autopostgresqlbackup
You can see the following subdirectories: daily, latest, monthly, weekly
I think the directory structure is talkative.

Please refer to the followind settings of the autopostgresqlbackup:

To be able to make automatic backup, the root has a password file here:
It contains the database server location and superuser credentials.
Please be careful about the permissions and owner of that file, it
must root:root and 600

Backups exist under the Dropbox directory, which means, if you have or create a
dropbox account, your backup will be uploaded to the cloud automatically.

To create a new dropbox account, just follow the dropbox installation
Thunar filemanager already has the dropbox plugin, installed from xubuntu-dev/extras ppa.


Setup network
- GUI/Desktop method: just config the network via the Networkmanager. In this case
the Networkmanager will handle the interfaces. Comfortable.
- Settings file: as root you can add and setup your interface in /etc/network/interfaces
In this case Networkmanager will not handle that interface and you can disable the
GUI (X desktop) completly.

Update git repositories
- cd to the git directory and issue in command line: git pull

Upgrade the running ledgersmb instance
- create a backup of the live instance as root (/opt/ledgersmb)
- copy from the source to the target, except the .git directory (/home/ledgersmb/LedgerSMB/git-1.3 -> /opt/ledgersmb)
- change user and rights: chmod -R 0775 /opt/ledgersmb and chown www-data:www-data /opt/ledgersmb
- apply the modifications to the ledgersmb source, if any (for example slight css modification - lightred in test mode)
- login to the setup.pl and upgrade the DB of your instances

Change postgres user's password
You have to login to the postgresql as postgres user, using the default password (ledgersmb).
If you entered to the psql console, you can change the password as you like.
Here you can see the steps:

ledgersmb@ledgersmb-FITPC2i ~/LedgerSMB $ psql -U postgres -W
Password for user postgres:
psql (9.3.4)
Type "help" for help.

postgres=# alter user postgres with password 'ledgersmb';

What you have to do at first start:
- Change/Adjust your network settings: IP address (default is dhcp)
- Change the password of the ledgersmb user (default is ledgersmb)
- Change the password of postgres user (default is ledgersmb):
-> in Postgresql as described in the howto section
-> in the following file: /root/.pgpass to have working backup
- Create or add your existing Dropbox account and merge the existing
/home/ledgersmb/Dropbox folder to get remote backup of your daily
backup to Dropbox.
- Optionally you can adjust or disable the desktop, add network share,
setup routing etc.

Please note, the primary goal is running LedgerSMB on this unit, so,
think twice before cut :)

Known issues, limitations
- ODS export does not work, even the requested perl module installed
- the recent config (500GB, 5000rpm HDD + ext4) provides not the best performance
--- use ZFS native for the DB, for safety reason
--- use SSD instead of HDD
--- tune postgresql
--- mix them together :)
- you have to define your network address (IP address) manually
--- just change your settings using the Desktop and Networkmanager
--- or edit the config file if you do not want to start the Desktop
- at this moment it based on linuxmint 17 Xfce Desktop
--- it has advantages and disadvantages. One can turn off the desktop and unnecessary services if it wants to do.
Or one can listen to internet radio, use the system as router etc.

Handy tools in Desktop
PGAdmin3 - to access to PG in a comfortable way
Desktop sharing without password - access with remmina (vnc)
ssh server
Printer admin
Backup admin
Radiotray - internet radio, you can add your station
You can use any desktop application (graphical git client for example)
Synaptic package manager


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