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Re: Debian package for 1.3.39

On 04/20/2014 02:05 PM, RJ Clay wrote:
>      What I could do, however, is rebuild the package specifically for
> wheezy and put that up in the LSMB downloads section at SourceForge.

A build for wheezy is available as ledgersmb_1.3.39-0wheezy1_all.deb in 
the following directory:


The ledgersmb_1.3.39-0wheezy1_all.changes file is an information file 
for it and also includes checksums for it, and is  signed by me.

Notes also that the package auto configuration is disabled by default 
and should be left like that because it doesn't work yet. Information 
about how to configure the database admin user (for use on the setup.pl 
page) can be found in the README.Debian page.

Robert James Clay

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