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Re: My Assessment of the Heartbleed OpenSSL bug and LedgerSMB

On 11/04/14 09:41, ario wrote:
> On Thu, 10 Apr 2014 19:04:27 +0200
> Pongrácz István <..hidden..> wrote:
>> > What if they implemented this "feature" to be able to get information
>> > without trace? :)))) 
> Then they would have succeeded spectacularly with us thinking "there is
> a bug" in OpenSSL.
> My preferred beckup encryption scheme still would be the One Time Pad
> (OTP) as it seems really unbreakable, if it were not for the recurrency
> in the problem of: "Where do I backup the OTP itself, and how do I
> encrypt it?"

Heartbleed isn't a problem with the encryption though; the encryption
didn't get broken. Any protocol could probably potentially suffer from a
buffer overflow due to a bug in the software. Given this one leaked info
from the server process, who's to say it wouldn't leak your one-time pad?


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