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New User Questions: Printing Reports, Templates, Selecting Cash Basis

   I copied my LaTeX templates directory for invoices, checks, etc. from the
L123 subdirectory to /opt/ledgersmb/templates/rshepard. I assume that the
'default' template for each printable document is that defined in the
subdirectory above since I entered that in System -> Defaults and saved the

   However, when I want to print an income statement or balance sheet all I
see is html code on the displayed page. What have I missed here?

   For the Income Statement, there is a radio-button for accrual accounting,
but no way to unselect that and select cash accounting instead. Looking in
ledgersmb.conf I do not see where I can specify that, nor do I see that
option under System -> Defaults. Where can I select cash basis rather than
accrual basis?


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