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New User Questions: Cash->Payment

   I'm transitioning from Ledger123/SQL-Ledger which I've used for a decade.
I see major differences between the way I used to cut checks for vendors and
what seems to be the limitations under lsmb-1.3.39.

   I just entered an invoice for a vendor, updated, saved, and posted.

   Now I want to print a check to be mailed tomorrow. Navigating to Cash ->
Payment I get a blank form rather than one showing all account payable
invoices awaiting payment. When I enter the first few letters of the
vendor's name in the payee field and press [Enter] I get a centered
radio-button list of all vendors, and strangely, the one with the pending
payment is not on the list. Going back one page I enter the vendor's name
click 'Continue' and am presented with the pending invoice. Entering the
check number in 'source', I hesitate because after updating, I don't have an
option to print the check without also posting it.

   What if there's a paper jam or a mis-feed? How can I reprint the check
before posting the transaction? Also, I don't see my printers (as defined in
CUPS), but what appears to be a generic list; "Epson," "Laser2," "Laser".
Shrugging my shoulders, I select "PDF" and "Laser2" and up pops a page for
Payment Order Number. I have absolutely no use for this ... and there's no
control buttons on the page either. I expected to print the check, not see a
page saying that zero dollars will be paid to the account.

   I'm sure there must be a way to 1) see all pending vendor invoices with
a selected check box for each one (in case I don't want to print one now);
2) print the check as a separate step from posting the transaction; and 3)
seeing my network printers so I can select the one to use. Better yet, let
me set the system defaults to a defined printer name and 'screen' for those
that I want to save to disk as a PDF file.

Please advise,


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