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Re: Accounts List in G/L

On Sun, 30 Mar 2014, Chris Travers wrote:

> Account numbers are hierarchical, so it makes sense to do a prefix match
> for those, but we can modify the logic so it does an internal match for
> description (so 'soft' would match 'Computer Software' as well as 'Income
> from Microsoft').
> Any objection to this change?


   No objection, but a comment and a question. Text completion requires
knowing some part of the desired string. A list from which to selecte one
account requires knowing nothing about their numbers or names. Is the latter
that much more difficult (or time consuming) to implement?

   I know nothing about BUI forms; in the Python/wxPython applications I
build a pick-list is one of the available data entry widget types. Perhaps
that's not as easy to do with a web framework.


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