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Re: Accounts List in G/L

On Sun, 30 Mar 2014, o1bigtenor wrote:

> I hope it is allowed to offer a somewhat dissenting opinion.

> In Canada all business reporting is done using specific GIFI (General Index
> of Financial Information (IIRC)) codes. There are different codes for
> business and farm expenses (for the same expenses).


   I don't see how this is a dissenting opinion. There's nothing to prevent
anyone having as many different account numbers for the same expense as is
required by the taxing authorities. My request was to make each account
widget into a pick-list or drop-down control so we can scroll through, click
on the one we want, and that's entered in the data entry widget. It's a data
entry convenience, that's all.

   Here in the US there is no required account numbering system or even
account names. When I started my business 21 years ago my accountant gave me
an initial chart of accounts to which I've added or modified names, over the


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