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Re: Should I try version 1.4.0?

On 05/03/14 17:05, David Godfrey wrote:
> Hi Benedict,
> If you have a look here....
> http://ledgersmb.org/system-requirements
> there is a list of dependencies for 1.3 and 1.4
> You will find that there are a couple that you need to add, and a couple
> that will no longer be needed if you start with a 1.3 install.
> Also, you may find that uninstalling 1.3 will automatically remove some
> (or all) of the dependencies either immediately or next time an
> "apt-get autoremove"
> (or similar) is run.
> If you already have 1.3 installed, I would uninstall it, then run
> apt-get autoremove
> You can then install 1.4
> Be aware, if there are other packages that are marked "auto installed"
> that the system can't find a reason to have installed they will be removed.
> Your best bet is to carefully check the list of packages that
> "autoremove" says it is going to uninstall.
Many thanks for the advice. That said, I'm only running it as a test 
whilst I package LedgerSMB for Archlinux...

But that is another subject altogether.

Kind regards

Benedict White

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