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Re: Client Returning to 1.2.21

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the feedback!
        I install 1.3.36 just over a week ago and the client tested for 3 days. I then installed
1.3.37 on Monday. After testing last week the client has decided not to upgrade at this time.

That's unfortunate because we think 1.3.36 and .37 are far more stable than 1.2 ever was, from a technical (accounting) perspective - I mean, 1.3 needs a lot less hand-holding than 1.2 ever needed. On the other hand, it opens the opportunity for the client to upgrade from 1.2 directly to 1.4, later this year or at the beginning of next year.

The major problem is when reviewing and updating transactions from the trial balance. The return
behaviour is inconsistent.

One of the workflows is:
        - Trial Balance
        - Asset Account
        - Do work
        - Not returned to the specific Asset Account but a generic "All Asset Account"

        - Trial Balance
        - Expense Account
        - Do work
        - Not returned to the Expense Account but left at the form leading to confusion whether
          the work was posted or not.

While acknowledging that this can be worked around they are not willing to deal with the confusion
and loss of productivity associated with this behaviour.

Ok. Thanks for that. Could you file bug reports for these with a short list of steps to reproduce the behaviour? The bugs can be filed at https://sourceforge.net/p/ledger-smb/bugs/ ; as you'll understand, filing bugs helps to get your (client's) issues resolved in a (the) next release.
Other complaints:
        - Inactive clients and vendors appear in pick lists
Ok. A few questions: did these inactive customers/vendors appear in the pick lists on 1.2 as well ? If not, have you checked that the customer accounts have end-dates filled in in the "Account" screen that are before the posting date of the transaction being posted?
                - pick lists missing from many report submission forms where they were before (AR/AP etc)
Actually, it's too bad that you're telling us this now that the client already decided not to make the move: the dropdown are actually there. You just don't see them, because they need to be explicitly enabled.If you go to the screen System -> Defaults and set the value "Max per dropdown" from <empty> to a numeric value, say 500, then you will see a dropdown appear in the AR/AP screens.
        - Cash Receipt page is extremely confusing
Ok. I'm not familiar with the 1.2 screen, but it's been my understanding that the current screen has been inherited from 1.2? Could you provide me with a screenshot of the 1.2 screen, just for my reference?
                - what purpose do the fields at the top right fulfil?
Is this question - which I'm about to answer now - really a reason not to migrate? or did they simply not feel comfortable for other reasons (maybe your 1.3.36 install experience and reporting issues?) and decided to name this one as well?
They are willing to deal with these issues
Ah. Ok. So, I'm interpreting the last issue incorrectly as a reason not to migrate? ok.

A very minor issue that the users see as huge
        - link to return to the trial balance at top of the accounts pages is missing
As I don't have 1.2 experience, could you explain on which screen this link would be and what it would take one to?

So, summarizing: if the two workflows you mention are fixed soon, then they see no problem in migrating? Or are there other issues to be addressed? If so, I think it's practical we know about them, because we could possibly address them in one release - hopefully resolving all blocking issues at once, preventing this from becoming a dragging process.

Thanks again for sharing your experience!



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