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Re: v1.3.36 fails update on add transaction

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Feladó: "Klavs Klavsen" ..hidden.. 
Címzett: "Pongrácz István" 
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Dátum: Fri, 24 Jan 2014 15:23:42 +0100
> Hi,
> Thank you for the explanation.
> These requirements does not exist in Denmark, and hence is not stated on
> invoices received :) - the government requires only that invoice series
> be in succession number and date wise (ie. without missing numbers) and
> that I can lock previous years, once closed.


Good for you :) In Hungary the situation is different. There are a lot of rules (besides of some other issues). 

Anyway, I am wondering about the following situation:
- a company, who has to pay VAT every months, based on their transaction dates
- the company issues an invoice in December, 2013 with transaction date January, 2013 -> the book (financial year) is still open in 2013.
- The money receives to the company in December, but the payable tax generated in January.

Due to that, this company must send VAT report every months, it will mess the tax reports, back to January.

If we (government, etc.) only care about the full financial year, and doesn't care about the details, it could be ok.

But I still wondering, how the cashflow between the government and the companies happens and how to control that without some additional rules.


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