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Re: debugging debian install -- my GL report may not be right

On 01/23/2014 08:49 PM, Chris Travers wrote:
> 1.  Try selecting 'current' instead of 'month.'  It is possible it is trying to calculate a month based on the dropdowns.   You
> are entering dates manually, so you shouldn't need to select an interval.  (If this fixes it, it is still a bug and we should fix
> it on our side too).

current gives an error.

> 2.  Try posting the transaction first.  If this fixes the dropdowns, we need to fix this as well.

When I tries approve I got a search result of nothing entered.  I'll try entering a GL transaction
again and then post also.  I may be discovering odd corner cases as a newbie to ledgersmb.  I do
a smidge of accounting though, and have been using gnucash for 8 years, so not a babe-in-the-woods newbie.


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