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Re: Password problems

On Tue, Jan 21, 2014 at 7:24 PM, Chris Travers <..hidden..> wrote:
If you are trying to log in as superuser and you don't know what password you set, you can reset it.  Usually your postgres account will be locally accessible from the postgres system account only.  If that is the case:

sudo su postgres -c psql

Then if that drops you at a psql prompt, you can reset the superuser password as:

ALTER USER postgres WITH PASSWORD 'mysecretpassword' valid until 'infinity';

Assuming that postgres is the user and you have password authentication working for that user over tcp/ip, that should work.  If it doesn't let me know and I can take a quick look at your PostgreSQL setup.

I  used the following:

postgres=# ALTER USER postgres WITH PASSWORD 'secret'password' valid until 2039

and I am still at the recurring local host . . .    as before.

Should I be getting the previous group of emails out so that I can set up this end again?

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